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All words are empty. Best not to trust them. Understanding a person requires him to expose his personality through action. We've probably never met, but maybe you understand? You'll find me struggling to describe myself by using words and images to describe my past actions below. Understand that this is not bragging. This is an honest attempt at an impossible task.



kickstarter campaign

As marketing manager for the startup company Cyberith I had the daunting task to run a Kickstarter campaign. With the help of the incredibly talented video production company Obscura, we produced an astonishing video and managed to raise over $300k. Nice, eh?

trade conventions

While working for Cyberith I had the chance to plan and oversee our several trade fair appearances. These included the famous E3 in Los Angeles, the GamesCom in Cologne and the Tokyo Game Show in...well, you know, Tokyo.


Ok, you got me. Maybe this page is also meant to brag a little. But honestly, wouldn't you brag about meeting Steven Spielberg yourself? That's what I thought.

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Words can't do justice to the satisfaction you feel after finishing a two week hike in the remote wilderness of Norway. Having been fortunate enough to go on this incredible journey with my brother and subsequently turning this life changing experience into a concept album brings me goosebumps to this day. Hit the play button below if you want to listen to the album trailer. But the faint of heart be warned: Black Metal ahead at 1:05min.




Realising you've been trotting along the wrong path is a frightening experience, but it can be equally liberating. I admit, turning my back on the WU Vienna initially felt like a failure. Looking back now, it must be up there somewhere with the wisest decisions of my life. And if only for the fact that I can now impress people with quotes from my philosophy studies.


Working in Australia for a year in a position relevant to your career? Sign me up. I got the incredible chance to work in one of the best countries in the world -and one of the most remote cities too. Perth felt like home immediately. Even though I absolutely love Vienna I still had the feeling like a temporary change was in order and what can I say...Looking back it's definitely up there in my top 3 decisions.

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